Sunday, May 29, 2011

Truth Be Told

My friend sent me a note as we wrapped up revisiting this journey of grace we’ve been on.

She wrote:


Our friendship started out behind. Not only did we have to learn about each other but we had to repair it right from the start.

No question about it, it was hard.

When Amy asked me to help tell our story on friendship and grace I thought maybe I had tucked away old emails from ten years ago. I found a select few I had printed and saved that shed light on the story - on where we had been and how grace filled in the gaps. It’s odd to read them. Our former selves speaking of a life we don’t live any longer and yet the words that passed between us formed who we are today.

We started out on opposite sides of a love. 

Mixed in with this love was fear and unworthiness

We struggled with similar things. Maybe not what the outside world could see, but in our hearts we were two-of-a-kind, created by God for something greater than how He first brought us together.

It took many honest conversations - spoken in the form of the written word - to clear away a lot of the pain from each of our actions. Not all of those conversations - emails upon emails - were wholly kind and considerate.

Some words were spoken out of pain, trying to make the other hurt as much as we hurt. 

A break was taken from communicating for seven months. Amy tried to ignore me and the past, as she was newly married and I struggled to not be ignored by her. During this time we both carried around a lot of pain. We had not spoken with open hearts {about the past} or accepted each other for who we were, separate from the jumbled mess.

As time went on, God started to heal us and brought us back together. 

The time away had made us realize that while the circumstances that brought us together should keep us apart, we knew we couldn’t ignore God leading us to develop a friendship based on Him, His love and His will.


Nowadays, my friend and I write to each other almost daily and encourage each other in living for purpose - in our marriages, our days raising our children, in working full-time, and in navigating God's plan for our lives.

There's still one more bit of our story to follow...

This is the sixth in a seven-part series on friendship and grace.  

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