Meet Amy Hunt

An early morning riser, Amy was once known to trade sleep for the quiet space in the newness of each day to listen, read, write, and workout. Nowadays she's still a listener, reader, writer, though sleep is much more of her priority.

For a long time, Amy chased acceptance and all the while, God chased her heart to rest and trust in His love for her, as she is. Finally, she courageously dared to unwrap grace for her messiness and boldly live free, accepted, loved, and light. She spent a long time looking for the Manual of Should's and found, instead, Immanuel and real peace.

As Founder and Lead Visionary for C'est La Vie: The Magazine (launched electronically July 2015), Amy is passionate about seeing men and women released from fear and set free to live their real lives, as they are.

Providing a steady drip of truth, each story presented serves as an offering, elevating the everyday miracles and focuses on the process God's redeeming love uses to cast radiant beauty across the canvas of our sometimes messy and complicated souls.

"I've chosen to accept people as complicated, mistake-prone humans.
I've chosen to live by faith and not by the attention from others.
I am leaning into grace for me and for all of them.
When we give ourselves and each other permission to simply and fully be,
we live as the Warrior who He called us to be."

-- Amy Hunt

Together with her groom and their two Boy-Men (11-years apart), she lives in Central New York where she works as a professional major gift officer for a small liberal arts college.


C'est La Vie: The Magazine:

Issue 1 | July 2015


Issue 2 | January 2016


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  1. Amy, I love that line about looking for a 'manual of shoulds' and find Emmanuel instead. Powerful.