Friday, May 27, 2011


After we confessed our role in what mess was created through our choices, my friend and I became willing to talk about it, Grace rolled into our lives and healing began.

In our journey of reading through those yesterdays as part of today’s story, my friend found a note that she sent to me that revealed such truth and hope…


Maybe we pushed ahead of God in hopes of becoming friends so the past would disappear.

I created so much pain for you and me. 

I did something that I never wanted to do, which was even think that someone who was involved in a relationship was available.

I didn't want to think about it, let alone live it.

God worked for good.

You understand better about temptation and how much you have to work at your marriage to make it a solid one. And I have learned more about waiting on God, and letting Him fill my empty space and aching heart.

Do you ever wonder what would have become of us if we had met some other way? Just the two of us and *this* not in the middle...

I don't have any answer to the fact that your husband will always be the reason we met. 

It's a struggle for me. I want to put that reason behind me and just move forward to getting to know you.  I don't know how.

God will help us if we ask. 

It is hard to imagine life past this point where our past does not get in our way, but God can clean our hearts. Only He can. 

It's funny, getting your email gave me a sense of relief. I've been looking for relief, but never finding it. As it turns out, you were the only one who could give me that relief and we turned away from each other and tried to ignore it. 

This situation was blocking my relationship with God. For a time it seemed like I was doing okay. And then God pointed out this dark corner of my heart and said, Not so fast…what about this?

Did I listen? No, I just went on thinking it would work itself out, maybe disappear. It didn't. 

God can wash it away. We just need to keep working at it and praying about it. 


Forgiveness created peace and allowed for healing. 

He did work it out. On His terms. And in His time.

The friendship we share today means the most to me because it's a story of redemption. It didn't come easily and our own fears almost stood in the way of what was in store for us.

Through a series of honest (yet difficult) exchanges - like Open Heart Surgery - we began to heal. And it only happened by our own choice to receive the gift He provided in the healing...

We honored Him as we uncovered His gift of healing.

He can do so much in us, through us and with us. And, He has! 

Through the years our friendship has blossomed. 

Like a rose, what we share has taken time to grow. And we couldn't rush it.

Ten years after the painful admittance began to uncover our wounded hearts, a story of grace is evident in the friendship we have been given, and it is one of my biggest blessings. It prepared me for my marriage, and so much more. 

What God gave us is so beautiful and I am humbled - daily - to be touched by Love through what He gave us in this friendship. 

I know I am loved through this friendship.
I know I am accepted as whole and freely me. 
I am honored to be on my knees for my friend and to cry for her.
I am humbled that God would use my own imperfect life to touch hers.

Our friendship become what God wanted for us. For Him. 

It really is beautiful. And so important.

Still more to come...


This is the fifth in a seven-part series on friendship and grace.  

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