Sunday, March 9, 2014

loose us to be

Father, we come.

with face buried in our hands, still we come.

we know we need You.

yet, to face You seems so hard.

to have You take our hands away from our tear-stains seems so scary.

to have You see our guttural pain streaked across our face is a bit like jumping off a cliff.

yet, we believe in You. and we hope in You.

     . . . still, we question Your Realness.

why is that?, I wonder.

what are we afraid of? 

do we think You'll smack us, or leave us, or laugh at us, or turn away from us in disgust?

You won't do any of those and we know it.

     . . . and still, we are timid to be Real.

You have anointed us for such a time as this.

You have called us to live this one life we have -- to live it full and unabashedly.

release us from fear's grip and shame's taunting that keeps our faces hidden.

loose us to stand free and full and emboldened with full confidence in You.

shift our minds and our fears to focus on Your deliberate crafting of us.

I ask this believing You use our true selves in ways far greater than we see.

so let this be:
     in Jesus name, loose us to be Real in every way. 

          . . . . knowing we're part of your Kingdom building in ways we cannot even imagine.

let us Be.

amen and amen.

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  1. A big hearty Amen! Amy, your prayers are so encouraging! Thank you for posting them!