Saturday, March 8, 2014

less of us

Father, we come.

guilty from choices we've made that are self-focused and self-pleasing.

aware that we could've done better.

we're learning to choose different and better.

teach us to feed others the hope you give. 

might we not just stuff ourselves.

desire and joy for life makes us ripe with anticipation to do so much.

we fill our cup to the brim and it overflows, sometimes out of negligence and sometimes fear.

afraid we'll miss out on even your goodness, we gulp down every moment.

we rush and consume time as if it'll be taken like our plates.

slow us to sip and savor. 

free us from the seduction of so much in life.

our days and our life really is short, yet filling every crevice isn't what matters.

you ordain time to be meaning-filled. let us not muck it up with much.

protect us from even the way our dream-pursuing can ensnare and engulf.

keep us responsible to what is in front of us and trusting in your perfect time.

less of us doing and trying and working.

     . . . more of you, Father . . . much more of you.

reduce us to rest and to abide in your peace. 


1 comment:

  1. To feed others and not just stuff ourselves - a reminder we all need. When we pour out He can pour in more and more. We decrease and He increases in us. Happy weekend Amy!