Monday, March 10, 2014

in spite of our fear

Father, we come.

broken. bleeding. bruised.

another day find us all bent up about what might come to be.

we've been bothered by the banter between this group and that group.

those types of people have their missions and philosophies and we're just so over it all.

our own lives feel like a constant journey of walking a thin tightrope.

we want to please him and her and make sure we get everything just so.

trying so hard, we don't mean to hurt or to offend.

yet, somehow we say the wrong thing.

we say the words we shouldn't say

     . . . words that if were said to us, we would've huffed all loud about.

still, our hearts feel stamped on and crushed when our love isn't received.

how dare he not believe me?, we wonder.

we've given all we can and we're so broken-feeling for all that we cannot fix or force.

our hearts are bleeding for all the world that needs You.

we wonder what will come of this day.

who will throw the next stone and who will get hurt?

who will be standing in the crossfires and not the intended target?

people get hurt all around us and it makes it hard to face another day sometimes.

it isn't just the news of the world at large

     . . . it's the ricochet of the words off the walls of our home.

Father, we come with a wanting to be safe places that promote freedom and grace.

might we not be angry with our limitations or our land around us.

help us to forgive ourselves for our incapacities and our misgivings.

might we be people who love, in spite of the fear.

infuse us with Your love that fills our gaps, feeding their souls and ours.


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