Monday, December 23, 2013

no small thing :: worship unwrapped

we're on the edge

both of us, me and you.

nearly about to jump

or run away.

we're here together, though

and this is no small thing.

i kneel low to count this grace,

as you wipe the tear from my eye.

this is our worship. 

: : : 

And this is theirs that I have unwrapped . . . 


1. "Sometimes, we have to make the decision to begin again, even when we don't feel ready." 

Read about how Michele-Lyn's beginning again is worship. 


2. "I want to hear The One who comes softly saying,
     Be Still. Listen. Watch for the light. Come away . . . 

I want to hear Him . . . and it's getting harder to push away the noise."

God meets us where we are and doesn't drag us to where we "should" be or where everyone else says we "need" to be. 

Read about how Jody Lee Collins's listening is worship. 


3. On being the enough Mom. 

"Motherhood, and in fact life, is often this journey of waking up and discovering self.
     That's the truth." 

How Rachel Marie Martin's being Real is worship. 


4. "Making space for God's presence in my home feels about as back-breaking as hauling stones . . . 

It asks nothing of me. Requires nothing of me.
It is an impossible mess, and it is grace, and my children and I have seen fire.

Read about Christie Purifoy's space making as worship. 

We present to you these offerings, Father. 
We dance. We declare. And together, we dine. 



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  1. Amy, thank you for including me in your list. It is a humble offering.....God bless you.

    Jody with a 'y' (smile.)