Friday, October 4, 2013


It's been four days now and I'm chugging along.

These 31 days aren't a cell to keep me boxed in. They're a rhythm, keeping me close to Him.

It isn't so much the discipline of the doing.

These 31 days are giving me freedom for the telling of a story I am certain now was made for purpose.

I'm flinging the doors open wide and letting people in. 

I'm sharing of a semi-biggish project book I've been working on, more loudly than whisper-thin telling of it.

I'll give color and texture to this writing I'm doing.

Together we'll smell the fresh breeze and see hope splash herself strong.

To do this requires courage that only He can give. He will lead, speak, and guide.

It's a focusing on me and my story, not them and theirs.

All of this doing, I see now, is worship, too.


This is day 4 of stepping forward -- of pursuing. #ThisIsMyWorship


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  1. Fling those doors open, girl! :) Your neighbor at FMF

  2. Fling them open, write and worship. Yes.