Thursday, October 3, 2013


It's sometimes a process to get to a place where we're comfortable with a decision because we know it's inherently right for us.

I used to tell my son: "make good choices today, for you."

Over and over again I would hear those words come out of my mouth and hold my breath, as I knew that I didn't do that. I hoped he would exude more confidence in himself and live with more peace.

We suffocate our very life when we are more concerned about what other people will think. 

We live when we make the choice to honor who we were created to be by considering our own wants and desires . . . when we're kind to ourselves first by giving ourselves permission to first put on our own oxygen mask on and breathe.

This is worship. And this is the semi-biggish project I'm working on.

This is day 3 of stepping forward -- of pursuing. #ThisIsMyWorship


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  1. I need this! Fear of what people think is paralyzing - making us shut-down. But God keeps us secure in His love & that gives us courage to take risks and do what He calls us to do no matter what we perceive people will say or think.