Friday, October 11, 2013


I rejected the idea of being like everyone else.

The perspective that people are lazy was what drove me to try harder, always harder. Because it's not enough to just be as you are, you have to be more -- you're never doing/trying enough. This was my assumption about life.

I didn't want to be like everyone else. I thought I wasn't supposed to be.

Ordinary implies to me that there's nothing special or unique about it, but rather it's just like the others.

I believe that I am unique just as much as you are. I see how we each come at life differently and it's okay to be ourselves.

Realizing I am human, though, I can see that there is an ordinariness to me, a normalness I share with others. I am human -- messy and in progress. I share this commonality among others.

And this kind of ordinary is not a bad thing. It keeps my try-hard life quieted, less important than the choosing of rest in the moments of each day.


The quiet between my posts here are a reflection of the focus on my "semi-biggish project" -- on my worship. These October days are finding me a rhythm I wasn't sure was possible. I'm writing and churning and cranking out this book. Well, I'm stepping and He's leading. It's beautiful and it's hard; especially when I think of the editing and the fears I have associated with them, and especially when I'm tired, or when it's #WeekendWrite and The Boy-Man and I get up together and I've lost my time. And this, up above, how it connects to what I wrote this morning is astounding, miraculous-like -- it just happened without my trying.

This is day 11 of stepping forward -- of pursuing. #ThisIsMyWorship


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  1. Visiting from FMF. Sweet post. I'm with you on the "messy and in progress." :) Philippians 1:6.

  2. Really encouraging, Amy! After trying so hard to be something great, it's actually relieving to know it's okay to just be ordinarily me, and still accepted and loved.