Thursday, October 25, 2012

naked | {Day 25}: Keeping it Real

For years I offended him.

Every time he reached for me, I'd shy away.

Naked was something I feared. 

All that time while I didn't feel good enough, my slinking back made him feel the same.

     How can a husband not hold his wife?

     What happened inside of her that made her heart strain like sand?

     And what about him is not worthy of her trust to heal?

Through the years I've disappointed him and wounded him.

His reach of love was something I longed for, yet couldn't allow.

It was grace {for myself} I couldn't receive. 

Naked. Exposed. Standing there with nothing to cover.
He's seen all in me. And he's stayed.

     Protected. Adored. Secured. Respected. Honored.

He's covered my fear and shame with Love.

That's Real grace I'm finally learning to receive.

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