Wednesday, October 24, 2012

truth | {Day 24}: Keeping it Real

Three women I know have recently become widows.

     Two were to cancer. Expected. Though dreaded.
     Another was sudden. A shock.

These three stories were each very sad.

     The long, slow ones we were expecting...
     and {especially} the one we didn't see coming.

I wonder...
     Does knowing make it any easier?

A fear lives inside of me and I face it every day.

He asks me a question when I awaken, and sometimes I can't do what I should.

     It's to acknowledge. Simply that.
     Not to surrender, as much as to be true.

I fear I cling too much. That what I cling will someday, suddenly be gone.

So I choose Real truth.
     And in my telling, there is {Grace}.


  1. Interesting question, indeed... whether knowing helps or the opposite? Perhaps that is why it is so important to learn to live in the present, not dwelling on the past nor longing with all our concentration on the future.

  2. My dad always reminds my beloved and me to love each other every day, and you wouldn't believe the struggle. He underwent a big surgery this summer and I found myself asking: have I loved him enough? Because love is an action and not a feeling. I love what your short post stirred up in me, here.