Friday, June 29, 2012


I don't remember doing much of it as a child.

Prim and proper seemed to be more of what I focused on. Following the rules and such.

In the growing, something really miraculous has spun me wild. 
Much more care free. Intensely free.

I call life the *whirl and twirl* because it spins so fast sometimes, like a tornado in a lot of ways.
Yet, it's a delicate and beautiful dance.

Real living requires freedom. 

The steps don't have to be choreographed. They just need to have a rhythm.

Beauty flows endlessly here.

In Middle School I was afraid to dance.

Once, a boy I liked back then actually offered to pay a friend of mine to teach me how to dance.
I shirked and hid in my embarrassment.

Life has me dancing a lot these days. 

The Boy-Man I like now suggests that I dance free. He invites it and encourages it.

Love envelopes me and fear does the shirking now.

That's what Peace does. It wraps you up and spins you wild. 

Today's post is part of my friend, Lisa-Jo's fun challenge each Friday to 

     "Write for five, short, bold beautiful minutes... 
     Unscripted and unedited...
     Without worrying if it's just right or not."

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  1. It's hard to get over the inhibitions some of us have about dancing freely, glad you are able to now.

    1. Yes, it can be, for sure. Appreciate your comment, Mike!

    2. Real living requires freedom! Love that girl. Blessings from 5MF.

  2. I totally relate to this! I was so awkward and self-conscious as a child and needed to be told what steps to do in order to dance at alll. It wasn't dancing, it was following.

    It's such a freedom to discover this in later life, and to have a who can encourage us to twirl in delight, however silly it looks. Feeling thankful we have a God who dances over us.

    1. "It wasn't dancing, it was following." You're so right, Tanya!

  3. The steps don't have to be choreographed. They just need to have a rhythm. I love this line...and yes..peace does leaves us free to dance....happy Friday to you~

    1. It's such a gift, isn't it?! Blessings to you, friend!

  4. This feels so right. I love your dance sister. Thank you.

  5. Love the idea of "fear shirking".

    Blessed by your words today.

  6. I can relate to you as a child--worrying about getting it just right. I'm learning to let go and be free! :)

    Beautifully written.

    Mary Beth @newlifesteward