Wednesday, June 27, 2012

the cost of choosing togetherness

My groom and I are going deeper.

I can feel it.

We're choosing *togetherness* most often.

A deeper intimacy is becoming of Us.

And we're challenged. And threatened.

It's not the give up or stay type of choosing that we're challenged about nowadays.

     [Though, at not even a moment's notice we've seen the thought of giving up become a possibility.]

Nowadays, it's the deliberate choosing of each other moment-by-moment that is our challenge. 

The bending low and setting down and just being. Together.

So much tugs at our sleeve for attention.


We call them Priorities. Responsibilities.

But...what about Our Story? Isn't that Urgent and Important?

We've decided that *More Togetherness* matters most.

Marriage works our muscles. Our stick-with-it ones. Our choosing him (or her) instead of me ones.

Sometimes it doesn't feel that way. Our bodies ache and fatigue reigns in our pride. 

The *whirl and twirl* feels pointless. Rote. Perhaps even dull. 

I've begun to truly believe that we get stronger every day. And I am noticing it, too. 

With each choice to come nearer. To listen close. To pay attention to each other. We go deeper.

And it's where I didn't imagine we would.

In our faith. In our trust. In our sustenance.

It's a gift, this going deeper part of marriage. And I'm discovering--it's worth every ache.  


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  1. I'm smiling because you used an exercise metaphor. Yes. It's worth it.