Tuesday, June 26, 2012

pursuing passion

Each morning comes early for me. And I like it that way.

Summer days see 4:30 break dawn. Winter days just a tad later.

Brightening sky is my joy. An intimate moment between my Father and me. A gift.

I've begun writing in this time and didn't used to. I'd have my still and quiet time with coffee and pup. A bit later I would stretch and lace up for a run, or take a brisk walk before push-ups and ab work.

Nowadays, I exercise my art before my body. 

He is still first with coffee and pup. As I write, I trust in His leading of my words in this place.

Believing and declaring that He has made me a writer was huge. Now I believe He's leading me to a deeper place where I am taking it a bit more seriously. And I'm still declaring.

First it was child's play. Fun and periodic.

Now, I declare I'm training to be a professional. Though I still feel like a child.

Jeff Goins says this -- "Our passions find us. The real challenge isn't discovering them. It's making room in our lives to pursue them."

"The challenge is to find time to do what you were made to do without forsaking what you must do." 

For me, this runs deep.

And it's why I get up at o-dark hundred depending on the season. It's what makes me a better Me.

Two-plus hours of quiet and productive. Pursuing what I was made to do.

Sandwich making happens after solitude.

I've discovered Strength in these early morning's. And I've discovered more of His heart.

I've dissolved to-do lists of perfection-trying. And I've discovered more of purpose.

Working out has become worship for me. Words and weights. 

Packing Quiet Time, Writing, and Workout into my time is energizing. Freeing.

It's my deliberate choosing to honor *who* I am first.


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  1. balance. that's what i'm trying to find. less time on the internet, looking up "inspiration" for art or stories, and more time actually writing and doing art. plus fitting in what must be done. thank you.

    1. He will give you the inspiration. I've seen it as I've chosen courage to trust. Rich blessings, friend.

  2. Making room -- I will think on this. What a good lens. And your writing is deliberate, enjoyable. Thanks, Amy.

    1. Appreciate your words today, Bethany. Thank you.