Wednesday, May 16, 2012

beyond me

Community goes beyond ourselves.

It's noticing when a child steps forward for what he believes is honorable. Speaking up when someone offends. Applauding when she meets a goal. Cheering honesty.

There isn't exclusivity or island living in this place.

Community is action driven.  

When friends bravely extend a hand to help, even though they know the battle is far bigger than them, hope is passed around and visions beyond the moment made clearer.

There isn't room for ignorance in this place.

Community gifts courage.

When we're all in it together, sharing the brutal honest fear that makes it so nearly impossible to breathe, we can more easily relax and feel less over-the-top.

There is acceptance in this place.

Community says we can do this and it's that togetherness that changes every. thing. 

On our own we feel limitations. Together, we feel less boundaries.

It's hard embracing community sometimes. But living in the space of solitude for awhile will eventually give perspective of need for another.

Community is always there. 

Waiting and willing to embrace, community welcomes.

There, Peace breathes.

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