Thursday, May 17, 2012

the power of doing

Sometimes we know our heart's desire, though we saddle up our doubt.

We think we know what makes us tick, yet we aren't quite certain. 

A passion wells up inside us and we feel the must do this overwhelm our every thought.

Fear swoops in, and without warning it thunderously booms that we aren't capable to even consider.

We feel the must and this time it's to back away. A silliness label is slapped on passion.

How could we possibly even imagine? 

The words of others feed us the affirmation we crave.

Reality gets the best of us. Sucking us in and deflating our passions, obligation and analytics tell us dreaming is irresponsible.

But there's something that happens when we ignore all of that.

When Faith is considered, every. thing. changes. 

Curiosity over possibilities bubble up.
     Visions become alive again.
          W O N D E R blossoms.

Miracles still happen. God still shows up.

There is purpose in inexplainable stories. He becomes evident.

Life doesn't always require rationalization or explanation.

And actually, when we look beyond understanding we see that there is amazing bewilderment to be found in every single moment.

*Doing* is faith lived out. 

Even when passion doesn't make sense and our vision might appear too overwhelming, sometimes we need to let it be and give it space to grow.

There is great power in doing that which is undeniably gives us excitement and pause. 

What it teaches us is more than we could possibly imagine.

What it represents is Trust.

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