Tuesday, November 22, 2011

living gratefully :: color

I took a risk today.

Stepping out from behind the veil of comfort, I said what my heart believes.

I'm not in the job that best supports my strengths. 

Sure, the current job I'm in is good for me...
   it helps me grow and challenges me.

But, it's not the job.

At 30-something years old, I'm not ready to be comfortable.

*Color* opens my mind to different possibilities. 

Thoughts and dreams are awakened.

It's *color* that helps me See my heart.

It's *color* that gives me reason to stand up and step forward.

Offering myself up to something Different, I declare that my life isn't all the same. There are vivid colors that are a part of this masterpiece.

What may seem to be me just might not be me, entirely.

Maybe this truth is why I struggle to pick my favorite color. Sometimes blues call my name, sometimes green, and sometimes even bold red and orange.

Only when I choose Courage, do I pause to consider those bold colors.

Color helps remind us that there are other aspects to living...
     ...other parts of ourselves...
     ...other characteristics, traits, quirks, and even strengths to consider.

If I just keep doing the same thing all the time and expect the same result, forgetting or neglecting to acknowledge that I've been growing in the living--then, I'm just not being fair to myself and to who He created me to be.

For color, I am grateful. And this is my worship.


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