Monday, November 21, 2011

living gratefully :: acceptance

I still get swept up in feeling uncomfortable with myself.

Sometimes I fret about what I should wear. 
Or why I have certain things.

Looking around my house, I wonder if I have too much.

I'm not comfortable holding on to things I won't use. And I wonder if I ever will. So I struggle with whether I should keep it.

Is it necessary to have this? What's the purpose? 

Having a good friend over last weekend, I found myself anxious about the irrelevant things in my house.

I became fixated on having everything just-so for a small-ish party with friends. Even though I told myself to keep it simple, I humbly admit that I was stumbling for peace.

Certain things mean a lot to me. 
And it's usually the simplest things. 

Things in and of themselves really are nothing. But the memories that attach themselves to things are what give meaning.

When I look at a photo or a wooden plaque with a quote on it, I am inspired.

When I look at certain things they calm me.

I'm still working on keeping only things that have meaning and not just things that fill up space. I'd love to strike that perfect balance. And alas, perfect is what I too often seek as I *whirl and twirl* in my life and home.

As a partner with Dayspring, I have had an opportunity to review a handful of their various products. What I appreciate most about these products is that they have meaning--they inspire gratitude.

The friend that came over last week opened my curtains to free me from obligation. She gently encouraged me to live free and get rid of what I don't want. She encouraged me to live simply.

Ever Grateful - Full Adult ApronIt was only fitting that I gave her the recent Dayspring product that I reviewed--the Ever Grateful Apron.

As the apron says: ever blessed, ever grateful

My friend served me a healthy and delicious portion of *acceptance*--and she does Every. Day. I am grateful for her friendship, tolerance of me, and encouragement for me to live more like who I was designed to be.

Accepting each other's differences is what Dayspring does through the products they sell. It's not inherent, but it's there. Deeply embedded in the grains of their mission, this company reminds us of Christ and Who He stands for, and that is full, unequivocal *acceptance.*

Seeing this is my gratitude. And living it is my worship. 

This Ever Grateful Apron really is lovely. 
It has wide tie-backs and it's simply pretty. 
{Shh--and, it's even on sale for $12.49!}

Dayspring gave me this free product to review on my blog. All opinions are my own. 

{Grace} Unwrapped...

...memories in things...

...a home to host others...

...a heart for hospitality... to roam...

...a yard to romp...

...blankets to snuggle...

...heat to warm...

...a beautiful room of our own...

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  1. Yes. Things.

    Having moved several times in several years, I've been faced with the "do I need this? Is it bringing ANY joy into my life whatsoever, or is it just another thing to pack/clean" dilemma.

    But I find that there are certain things that yes, are just things, but help me see the real value in life. DaySpring products are like that for me -- always pointing toward the One that makes life beautiful.