Wednesday, November 23, 2011

living gratefully :: work

It makes me feel important in this world.

Helpful. As though I'm making a difference.

Work tells me that I have value. Purpose.

Truth tells me that work doesn't define *who* I am, or His specific intentions for creating me.

Yet, still, I wrestle with the belief that I am somehow more important.

For years my energy and happiness revolved around working outside the home. I was a different person in the office than at home.

Living has led me to know otherwise. I am more consistently and fully *me* at both places now--the office and home, the boardroom and the bedroom; on knees for my family, on knees for my colleagues.

I am important here and there, *Sam I Am.*

Work still is important to me, though I now have a different perspective.

Work, alone, doesn't fill me or define me, or even provide for me. 

He does all of that. 

He uses work to help me grow in specific ways, especially around communication and understanding differences.

If I'm paying attention, what I learn at work has such a powerful impact on the relationships I have with my family, especially my groom. 

There's a lot of pride in us humans, and when we get at work the competition is sometimes fierce. We want to look good and we take efforts to keep up our image. Climbing the corporate ladder is a steady pursuit.

The same happens at home. Too often we judge our spouse and make quick accusations that show our pride. We think we know what he needs. We think we're better than her.

Simply acknowledging that He created each person differently is a game changer.

I think it's the most important realization we could have.

Work does this for me in a powerful way.

Truly realizing that no one is any better or more important than another gives us the ability to dive into *acceptance.* Not for what a person does or what their title reads, but for the simple fact that they were thoughtfully designed by the Master Craftsman, for purpose.

For work, I am grateful. And this is my worship. 


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  1. "Work, alone, doesn't fill me or define me, or even provide for me. He does all of that." That speaks volumes :) Thank you for this beautiful post ~ I can SO relate!
    Many blessings!