Friday, October 7, 2011

Five Minute Friday :: ordinary...

It's Friday and a fun one for me--I became a Momma seven years ago today; seven on the Seventh. As I often do on these days, I seek Freedom in just Five Minutes. No edits. No worries (though I don't usually). Just. Write. Care to join me? Grab a paper napkin or the back of a bill statement, or even cozy up in your own corner of the web world.

Take. Five. {and} Write. Free.


For years I felt nothing special about myself. Just. Average.

Height. Weight. Looks. Academics.

All just average.

I made a friend in a land where we lived for two brief, yet very important years, and she made me See that I'm not ordinary.

Unique is all of us. And I tell this to my just-turned-seven-year-old. This Boy-Man who will someday perhaps be a father of his own little ones; he needs to know that he's far from average.

As I speak truth into his ear and whisper purpose into his mind, I dare to believe it for myself.

Far from ordinary.

Each day, what takes our breath away and ignites a passion in our heart--it's different for each one of us. And in those fiery rock star moments when Joy is splashed all out on stage by the way we live, we're an advertisement for uniqueness.

There's purpose in our differences.

It's important that there's no ordinary in people. God designed Different.

And it's true. There really isn't ordinary when it comes to God's creation. Because, we all have this incredible possibility of changing the world just by our unique *One Thing.*

I dare you to see yourself as anything but ordinary. Because, You. Are. More.

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  1. Oh what a good reminder to teach our young ones to not think of the selves as ordinary

  2. Hopped over from gypsy''s taken me a long time..and to be honest ...I do still struggle from time to time...that is why I want my kids to know...they are special in the Lord...created for Him...He doesn't make junk...

  3. Isn't it awesome to find that friend that teaches you that you aren't just ordinary. And for me, it was someone here who I have only known for a year and am now moving away from. Interesting, right? Great post...just popped in from Five Minute Friday! I'm gonna look around, I've been looking for some grace.

  4. I feel like God doesn't even have the word Ordinary in His dictionary. Because we are all so Extra-special and He is so Extra-big and Extra-creative. I think the only "ordinary" in God's dictionary is extraordinary. We are all Extraordinary creations by an Extraordinary Creator. can we just grasp a portion of what that means? we would change. the. world.

  5. "Each day, what takes our breath away and ignites a passion in our heart--it's different for each one of us." I love that. Love it. Isn't it just incredible... how God gave us such unique desires to help guide us to who He calls us to be.

  6. I like this! I have never linked up to this, but I need to. Nice job!

  7. I tell my kids that God make them EXTRA-ORDINARY!