Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Patient Anticipation

His excitement is for Every. Thing.

He doesn't even know to consider what *More* there is to experience.

The Boy-Man lives All. In. Now. 

We planned for it--a day at an outdoor water park.
He even counted all the rides, knowing there would be a lot of fun in store for us.

Still, though, after one ride he wanted to do it again, and again, and again.
He just might have been satisfied at one.

And after the second ride he wanted to do that again, and again--
Even after having stood in line for a long, long while.

It didn't matter to him--he knew fun had arrived, and he wanted more of what he just had.
He didn't think he needed *More* in a different way.

The father knew differently, though. He had a plan and he needed his child to be patient. The thing was, the Boy-Man just couldn't See beyond his Now.

He couldn't trust there was More Fun to be had.

He couldn't trust in his daddy's plan.

The Boy-Man just couldn't get beyond where he was at the moment. He would have been happy doing the same ride 20 times over. He didn't think he needed more.

He couldn't even imagine *More.*

I am the same way sometimes--I don't trust in my Daddy's plan. 

The difference is, I can imagine what *More* there might be and I sometimes live too far-sighted. My child-like perspective has grown wider.

To the child, where we went was his Disney World--it was enough for him. 

And to me, all I could think about was how much fun he'd have at the actual-Disney World.

I was anxious for his awareness of the great-big-World to grow.

Really, though, the Boy-Man's world is just the right size for him right now--
he is All. In. Now...and that's a beautiful thing.

I See...

There's Freedom in the letting go of what might be and basking in the moment of Now. 

I learn so much from A Child. 

Father, help me to be near-sighted and not to lose perspective of the here and Now. 
Quench my thirst for More and teach me to patiently anticipate your plan for my life. 

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