Monday, July 18, 2011

permission to live Free, especially for our spouse

Grace gives Freedom for another person to live his or her own Story.

And in marriage, that can be incredibly challenging and hardly ever permissible. There are expectations--requirements a spouse has for another; especially if the two are parents together.

Expectations become excuses.

The place where it's hardest to {freely} give Grace is in marriage. 
I think God designed it that way.

At home, people are the closest than anywhere else and attitudes blend to make cocktails--sometimes sweet, delicious and refreshing; and sometimes potent, ignitable and dangerous.

Though many people spend more time at the office than at home, there isn't another job to do that hides one from another for long when at home. Individual responsibilities can temporarily distract and detach spouses, yet ultimately there is a joining-together in the living of one life unlike any other category of relationship.

I've been thinking a lot about *Freedom* lately and what it looks like. And I'm realizing that it isn't just freedom to live our own story and trusting in all being for purpose. It's more than that.

Freedom is for others, too, and that's what {Grace} is about.

A gift for us to receive for ourselves, Grace give us freedom to live our own story for purpose.

And a gift for us to receive for others, Grace gives other people freedom to live their own story for purpose.

Grace gives understanding and acceptance in other people's own choices--their own story.

When I choose to have this perspective, everything changes. Every. Thing.

I relinquish control and expectations and realize that I have been trying to play God's role. And I See how I can trust Him. Because, it's true that He allows things to happen for purpose. He doesn't want to harm us. He wants to give us a future and hope. He has plans for us to prosper and not to harm us.

He makes all things beautiful.

All. Is. Grace.

We can trust in this. And when we do, lives change. He moves. And we See.

This is our we live, loving God ...

... with all our hearts 
   {letting Him move in other people's lives, not just our own, even our spouse's life},

... with all our mind
   {clinging to the Truth of His promises and plans},

... and, with all our soul 
   {dancing with His Spirit living inside of us}.

Thank you, Father, for bringing me to a place of Seeing how you are indeed, my Father who knows what's best for me and works your best in my life. Help me to Trust that you want the same for my Groom, my son and Every. One. Else. 

Thank you for your {Grace} to understand and accept where people are Today. Help me to extend that gift to others as my worship to you.


Gratitude for {Grace}...

...our family's little camp on the lake that holds such big joy...

...Boy-Men running full speed and bounding off the dock in the summer heat...

...visiting nine-decades-lived-Grandma...

...talking hope and faith in a someday-baby for Gram to witness... umbrella placed over a mother-bird's nest to shade from the hot sun... breakfast out and spontaneous blueberry picking...

...waking up when all is quiet and hearing the air awaken...

...peace in knowing every bit of my life has happened on purpose...

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  1. A powerful message. Why is it that we extend the least amount of grace to those who are most important to us?