Friday, July 22, 2011

Five Minute Friday: *Full*

Friday is *Freedom Day* for me.

Thanks to Lisa-Jo, I'm reminded to just write. Not for others. Not for comments. Just because the written word means so means something to me and I have to get it out.

It's not a perfection-seeking day or a day to mull over self's choice of words strung together; it's a free-to-write-just-as-I-am-kinda-day.

Today's prompt...



I wonder how it could possibly have any more poured in, and then Grace steps into another day and more is added.

The Boy-Man reaches for my hand as we walk through a store to bide our time until it's time to sleep--trying to keep cool from the weight of the heat.

He reaches high and rubs my back, stretching to touch my shoulders.

I can feel his gladness for growing like he has, and his joy in having my arm wrapped around him as we walk. He links our arms together and pats my behind. Two things he watches the Man-Boy do, he tries out for himself.

I smile at how he watches so. Always. Watching.

My heart swells--feeling full. Satisfied. 

He's just a child. And yet, he's got this full heart of gentle spirit. He pours into my heart and I feel like it'll bubble over. My gratitude never ceasing, this child wrecks havoc on my selfish ambition.

More joy pours in and fullness rises up.

We are never *Full* and yet, the Grace is to feel it. 

Grace helps us to never feel lacking and to rest in contentment at the Joy.

Mmmm...I rest here in this truth and smile at the living God inside this child of mine. It's His image that pours out full and round, and it's His spirit inside of me that Sees and feels.

All. Is. Grace.


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  1. "We are never *Full* and yet, the Grace is to feel it."

    Wow. Incredible, isn't it? How we can BE empty yet feel so full of God. And when I try to fill myself I feel so empty. I hope I learn this better!

  2. LOVED THIS! Thank you.

    wonderful thoughts! thx for sharing. It's nice to meet you... here's my first stab at 5 minute friday:

  3. This is so true. As I wrote my post I wondered what I would say if I were not full at the moment. And, there are those times. But it is through grace that we know we are full.

  4. We are never full and yet the Grace is to feel it -- that's the golden thread. That's the wisdom in joyful living. Thanks! Great post.