Monday, November 8, 2010

a thankful heart :: not just about us

Sometimes Life comes at you fast, or so it seems, and if you're not paying attention you'd think it's all for us.  You'd think that the blessings we're given - those unexpected moments that seem like a kiss from Heaven - that they're for us to drink up and enjoy.

But that isn't always the case.

Life's unexpected blessings is 
                          not just about us. 

Sometimes blessings come so quickly that we think God's timing is bad.  We think we know what's best.  We stress out thinking of how our new blessing now somehow needs to fit into our plans.

And then, just as we get used to the idea and we start to make a plan of how this new blessing can fit into our schedule - the blessing appears to be ripped right out from underneath us and gone like a seed that scurries away with the wind.

It was once ours - even for a moment - to glimpse and realize the potential it holds.  We were blessed.  We felt a part of something hugely capable of accomplishing so much.  We wanted to hold on to it even though for one small moment it was a minor inconvenience.  We hold tightly and think the blessing is ours to keep, and we think it was given to us for our pleasure.

We couldn't be more wrong. We're looking inward at ourselves and really missing the point.

It's not about us. 

In what appears to be a made-for-me (but not a tv) moment, we can either look beyond ourselves, or hug tightly to the blessing so much that we completely miss the point.  And when a struggle or a challenge occurs in the midst of the blessing, we sometimes question whether we missed something or did something wrong.

While maybe - just maybe - our greatest blessing is the lesson in the process of receiving the unexpected...the lesson that life isn't about making our own plans and squeezing in God's plans for us...

For the blessings that come my way, I will choose to be thankful today.  Even if it means my greatest, unexpected blessing is only mine for a small moment...and most especially, help me Lord, to be open to Your plan for me today, and not try to fit you into my schedule.

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