Sunday, November 7, 2010

a thankful heart :: just living

So many times this weekend I've been aware of the innocense and confidence of my little boy.  His answers to life's questions aren't yet tainted with confusion or self-reflection.  Self-esteem is high for this six-year-old, and I can learn a lot by the way he lives out-loud.

Practically every moment I was aware of how I couldn't freeze time, yet I found myself wanting to be like the cartoons I watched as a child where the frame would freeze - everyone would stay in the same position for a bit.  During this weekend I wanted to quickly jot down what my little peanut-butter had just said, and freeze the moment; put it in a jar to be savored for later.

But I couldn't.  And that's one of the mysteries of living-in-the-moment that I have been more aware of.

I can't contain all of life's joys.  I can't savor it for later.  I can't perfectly see and feel it all.  I won't be able to re-live these days and I will forget much of them.  It is in this awareness that I am learning to surrender the attempts to perfectly savor, and instead just allowing myself to enjoy - live in joy - each moment as they come.

The freedom to just live...releasing control of remembering every single detail...this is what I am thankful for today.

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  1. I believe the reflection of the moments that pass, that we hope to never forget, builds a "stone alter" on the tablet of our hearts to remind and encourage us to "enjoy the moments we are given". What a wonderful gift when we can see the face of God in our beautiful children, made in HIS image, blessing us beyond what words can express.