Thursday, November 11, 2010

a thankful heart :: giving love

Tonight I'm going to take my son by the hand, bring him to a full-length mirror and sit in front of it with him.  

He won't understand what I'm doing.  But I'm going to do it anyway.

I'll tell him how
special he is, and how beautiful he is.  I'll talk about his heart and what I see as he lives out loud each day.  I'll name his gifts one by one.  And I'll tell him about oh, the places he goes every day - the love he gives, the kindness he shares, the gentleness he is all about.  The lives he touches.  I'll talk about how strong he is and how important he is to the world - right now, just the way he is.

He might declare that I am
crazy, give me a funny look with a scrunched up nose and raised eye brows, and he might even walk away...

I'll do it any way.

Even if it doesn't last more than half a second, I'll know that my attempt was still a good use of my life.  
The more I talk craziness with him about how special he is, the more I know I am living with purpose.

And maybe, just maybe the experience will remind me of my own value - just the way I am, right now.

I'm so thankful today for the gift of love.

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