Friday, April 2, 2010

Small and that's alright!

Each year at Easter I am reminded of my extended family, including my parents, and it hurts. God uses this holiday to open my eyes to Him, and to them. We don't get together at Easter. We used to. But now people are either too busy, or "just can't be bothered". And besides, preparing a meal would only be out of obligation, especially since the biggest fact is that they don't recognize the meaning of the holiday. It's the most important holiday of our lives! And yet, so many people are so removed from the Truth and Love of what Jesus can do for their lives...what He has already done whether they recognize Him or not.

I find myself sad each Easter. Sometimes I get mad that my mom can be so stubborn. But this year amid feeling sad, I feel compelled to be on my knees for my family. Just today a cousin of mine acknowledged that she forgot that Sunday is Easter. Whaaat?! Okay. So not everyone is focused on the One who created them, and most especially who is preparing a better place for us.

God has allowed my family to be small for now, and He has allowed me to feel even a little bit of His pain over having a small table to feast on Him. My sadness is often selfish, as I wish I had the warmth of a loving family...yet I know that He is all I need. And He is turning my sadness into mourning for their lives.

So, this Easter I'll be thanking my Lord for all He has done, and lifting up my family to Him. And trusting that He'll make Himself known and alive in my five-year-old little boy's heart. There may not be a big feast or a big family gathering, but my heart sure is overflowing with gladness and joy!

Easter doesn't have to be about fancy dresses, delicious sweets, colored eggs, pictures with a silly bunny, and time with crazy family members. In fact, I don't think it was God's design for any of that. It's a serious issue and the least we could do is forgo all of those things...including our shoes...and just quiet ourselves and listen...

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