Monday, January 11, 2010

In this moment

There is a lot of Popcorn at our house. Our Kindergartener is learning to read by-way of learning "Popcorn Words," which he points out when we read books together. He butters his popcorn with yellow highlighter. Such words as "like," "as," "the," "green," "yellow," "blue," "red," a"... It's really an exciting time at our house and our on-the-go little guy can now be found sitting (relatively) quiet in his office practicing writing. The sounds of letters coming from his mouth and hearing him try so hard at figuring out how to spell the words in his head, these are the sounds of this moment.

People say that kids grow up so quickly. They do. And moments pass all too quickly. But this moment, right now, is so real and so precious. I can feel the brevity of this moment and as much as I am excited for my son to learn how to read and write, I don't ever want to forget about right now. The curiosity to learn is so real. This moment can be savored a little bit longer, and I like it that way. Soon we'll forget how Gabe even learned how to read and the time when he didn't know how to read and write will be so small compared to when he could.

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