Friday, May 6, 2011

a vision

It's race day and I wake up to sunshine and *peace*. Ever am I so grateful.

It's been dark and dreary, rain has poured incessantly.  And I can't help but see the symbolism in my spirit - how I've flailed in darkness and been drenched with moments of crippling fear.

I ask for God's breath and visualize the race.  I know I can do this.  With God, I can live this.

Again, symbolism.  Life.  I turn toward today's small race - me as just a small part in a sprint triathlon, a member of a team.  I am depended on.  I have purpose.

Peace overwhelms me.  I am strong.  I can do this.

Truth overwhelms my thoughts: It's not just me.  It's Christ who lives in me.   

First I did it for someone else.  Now I do this for Him.

Again, I turn back toward the vision:

Push. Hard.    

Count. One {stroke} at a time.  
Push air out. 
Breathe in strength.

Sometimes visualizing ourselves doing something is the most important part of living.  Visualizing the task at hand keeps us from distractions and helps us focus on what is most important at the time.  We're more prepared this way.

It gives us hope to imagine possibilities of succeeding.  Visualizing helps us break free from the chains of fear that can bind our peace.

Truth reminds us that we realize we can't create a situation just by thinking about it.  Nonetheless, meditating on the moment that is about to be is purposeful and helpful. It is important to take time to prepare, even in the mind.

Friends encourage me and I struggle to believe them.  I tell myself I need to start believing these things.  Again, I turn toward the vision and peace overwhelms.

It's important to visualize.  It's important to imagine possibilities.  To picture ourselves in a situation before we're there - seeing how we might handle something before we get there, but realizing that we can't fully imagine what will happen.  And so that's when we turn and reach for our faith.

We need to acknowledge that though we are strong, God is stronger.  Though we are determined, we can't make something happen.  God gives us our abilities.  He sets the stage before us - creating the exact setting that is most important for our story.

He gives visions to prepare us.  

Only God knows what will happen next year, or next month, or even later on today.  For now, as we breathe in the very next breath, we have a choice to deliberately focus on the right now, including that which we have a clear vision for in the near future - because the vision we have {for tomorrow} has purpose for today.  

Use these visions, Lord, to prepare me for your {tomorrow} plans for me.  Cover these visions with your peace and truth, and most of all your patience and trust.  


  1. "We are strong. . God is stronger!"
    Love this. I need to hold this thought captive in the areas where I need to know that His strength always trumps whatever strength I imagine Him to have.
    Praying for you as I read this post.
    The race is tomorrow?

  2. Visualization is such a great tool! Sometimes it even helps heal us. I use visualization to help boost my immune system as I imagine, through breathing, that with each breath in I am strengthened and cured, and with each breath out I am cleansing the bad cells and eliminating them. And as I've been reading in health and nutrition books, the breathing process is very much what I imagine!
    Blessings on your race, you are strong and ready!