Meet Amy Hunt

An early morning riser, the quiet space in the newness of each day is a treasured gift of solitude for Amy to listen, read, write, and contemplate the ways she learns about life.

For a long time, Amy chased acceptance of herself, and all the while she experienced the ways God chased her heart to rest and trust she is enough, as she is. Through many years of discontent looking for the Manual of Should's, she courageously dared to take the step toward learning the ways of boldly living a life of rest--free, accepted, loved, and light from the burden of trying to be better or different.

As Founder and Lead Visionary for C'est La Vie: The Magazine (prototype launched electronically July 2015), Amy is passionate about seeing fellow spirit-beings released from the fear of themselves not being enough and courageously dare to accept their story--all of life--as it is.

Providing a steady drip of truth, each story presented serves as an offering of acceptance and trust, elevating the everyday miracles and radiant beauty cast across the canvas of our often messy and complicated stories.

"There is enough space for all of us to co-exist and learn from our differences. 
I have come to believe that we are purposed as we are.

When we give ourselves and each other permission to take a risk
and courageously live out 
our raw, real selves,
we honor our Creator in the most profound way
and our world benefits, greatly."
-- Amy Hunt
Amy is committed to living with an open heart to take the next step that feels most right on her journey, whenever and whatever that means for her and her family. Together with her groom of nearly 20-years and their two boy-men, she currently lives in the Upstate of South Carolina and lives out her vocation by serving as a professional relationship-developer with philanthropists who want to make a meaningful impact on the world through their engagement and support of a public, land-grant research university.

C'est La Vie: The Magazine:

Prototype Issue 1 | July 2015

Prototype Issue 2 | January 2016

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