An invitation . . .

This place here is an altar.

     . . . where worship is lived out through the telling of stories.

     . . . where grace is unwrapped and celebrated.

     . . . where the journey is honored.

     . . . where Real is invited.

     . . . where we declare All. Is. Purposed. 

I encourage you to let your story Be -- simply . . . as it is. 

When we truth-tell of our Real stories of heartache and pain, the ones that have wrecked us and broken us, we enable big, God-sized things happen. Even though it might not be how we'd have written the script.

Might you join me in building this altar? 

I would love to hear from you of what He's done and is doing in you.

     Let the tendrils fall loose . . . because, your story really, truly does matter.

     Let your worship be . . . in your unabashed and bold declaration.

     Let Him shine . . . through the beautiful art your worship reflects.

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