Sunday, May 8, 2011

unwrapped gifts for mother's

The Boy-Man comes to me all anxious for me to see what he has for me.

A gift - because that's what Mother's Day is about, he tells me.  Giving mom's what they like.

I try to tell him that being loved by him is the best gift.  Still, he has no clue.

And so I take his hand and we go to the gift, and I chuckle.  The Man-Boy is still in bed and I wonder what he would say if he knew I saw this already.

A gift unwrapped.  Tissue paper and pretty bag inside the store bag, along with the thoughtfully purchased gifts.

It's the gift unwrapped that strikes me.  The Boy-Man isn't consumed with fanciness.  He is consumed with the gift itself and just wants to give.  

Still, I know - the gift was supposed to be wrapped, and the Boy-Man was too anxious.  Yet, I choose to see the goodness - the thoughtfulness - the excitement of the giving.

May your wanderings today lead you to gifts unwrapped, and may your Father show you how much He delights in the giving.  

Father, help us to not be so consumed with the *pretty package of giving* - the attempts we make at perfectly adorning ourselves with kindness and patience - and instead help us to just give and seek you for the grace.  

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