Wednesday, July 16, 2014

on holding dreams (and my self) loosely

I'm developing a different kind of muscle memory these days; the kind that rests more than it clenches. My whole being is learning to loosen the grip I long held on everything that nearly strangled life right out of me.

A lot of my days were spent so focused on growing that I overlooked who I was. Laughing at my mistakes was something I couldn't imagine doing. I intensely and perfectly tried to be someone I wasn't and missed out on simply appreciating and enjoying me. Rules became my Ruler; my rigid and legalistic ways become my god.

God is so much bigger than me and any of my rules. He allowed me to reach a point of exhaustion where I fell in a heap and said:

     "If there's work to be done in me, You do it.
       I'm too tired to try anymore to fix me! 

       I'm choosing to just be me, as I am
       I'm trusting this is enough." 

In the midst of my giving up with trying to be better or different than I was, my hope was restored and I was given a fresh anointing of peace. And I was able to see that rest is the kind of offering that honors Him best.

To simply live, as I am . . . this is the heart of worship.

It took a long time for me to realize that no one and no thing could fulfill my dreams and give me the kind of life I longed to have. I was angry and agitated for so long, disappointed by all that I thought would give me happiness and peace.

It took brokenness for me to discover that I am loved far more than I ever considered.
It took a depleted heart for me to trust God and rest . . . to live. 

Each new day -- moment-by-moment -- has become an opportunity for me to unwrap God's grace, His true gifts . . . such rich evidence of His love for me.  

Even in the midst of uncertainties and questions that tempt to evade our very peace, we can trust that God loves us and He's got us, and everyone else, too. He knows just how far to let us go and just how far to take us in the valley; we can take a hands-off approach to fixing us (and fixing others).

We can rest.

Though it looks like God is cruel in allowing detours, delays, and disappointment, we can trust there's something He has for us to learn in the process that we've called waiting and simply call it: living.

: : : 

Join me at God-Sized Dreams for more on how I'm learning to hold even my dreams loosely. 

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  1. this is such a beautiful truth, Amy. and one i need reminded of often. thank you for being that still, small voice today.

    1. Don't we all need that reminder, Laura? God's grace constantly reminds us *who* we are: deliberately made human . . . to need Him.

      Grace, always grace.

      I appreciate your note here, friend.

  2. "I intensely and perfectly tried to be someone I wasn't and missed out on simply appreciating and enjoying me." I recognize this woman - from my past AND from my present. Thank you for showing me what I've been doing to myself in an effort to do and be and please. I need to learn to live in the waiting. Good point.

    1. We don't treat ourselves kindly, do we? I've been thinking about dogs and how they love. If only we'd love ourselves like they love us. :)

      Looking forward always makes me miss the present. I'm learning to wait less and live more. Praying the same for you, friend.

  3. I've been thinking and writing and processing a lot about "waiting" lately. Your words are timed right for my soul. Thank you, Amy, for your beautiful words.