Wednesday, April 16, 2014

may we not be distracted

Father, we come . . .

with hearts once so full of hope,
and now nearly emptied.

You tell us to pursue hope;
to chase after it.

but we feel deflated
from all that has distracted us.

our eyes were so fixed on
what we saw before us.

we thought there was evidence our
hope was going to be fulfilled.

it felt like maybe,
just maybe our hope would be realized.

we allowed ourselves to feel excitement,
though we were afraid that maybe it wasn't time.

the journey has been long
and we've sought to honor You.

we had chosen to accept
Your perfect timing.

and then the signs seemed to say,
now might be the time.

but now isn't the time,
and we still wait.

we need You to keep us patient.

may we not be distracted
by what tickles our senses.

You bring good things
in due time.

widen our capacity to trust.

and continue to grow our faith,
as we wait.

help us to stay so close
to You.


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