Tuesday, April 15, 2014

convert us

Father, we come . . .

lead us through the fog.
lead us through the fire.

You expand our capacity to trust.

be our destination.
be our determination.

You really do matter most.

refocus our feelings.
refocus our failings.

You are the center of everything.

remind us.
restore us.

You are more than what we want.

dissolve our loneliness.
dissolve our lack.

You conceived us and grow us.

awaken us to Your stretching.
awaken us to Your shaping.

You designed us.

might we know Your purpose.
might we know Your peace.

You redeem every part of us.

might we remember our sacrifice is planned.
might we remember our sanctity is pursued.

You make Holy of us.

churn us.
crucify us.

You make more out of us.

make beauty from our fears.
make beauty from our failings.

You know our struggle for control.

break us.
bend us.

You desire more than what we can even imagine.

might we have perfect surrender.
might we have perfect solace.

You allow us to wait so our faith can expand.

keep us waiting.
keep us wondering.

You make us dependent.

spin us.
sputter us.

You purpose us.

convert our energy.
convert our efforts.

You make something of us.

slow us.
steady us.

You are the power in us.


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