Monday, February 3, 2014

#WorshipUnwrapped (vol. 5)

Accepting life, as it is.

This is courage.

This is worship.

And it's this that I unwrap . . .

     The choice to be Real, as we are.


What I Am Finding At The End Of Myself :: Allison @ A Deeper Story

What a gift I have been given, to be thrown, flailing, into this season of desperation. O, and I am flailing. Scattered and spread thin and forgetful, I don't even feel at home in my own mind or body. Truly, I am incapable of being enough.

Say anything. :: Jamie @ The Very Worst Missionary

I want my communities to be family rooms, not court rooms. I want the people I cross paths with on the internet to feel like they're in my home, where they can say anything to me. 
In which I am learning to live with the ache :: Sarah Bessey

I don't know that we ever lose that ache. I don't know if we ever get rid of it. I don't know if we should. Maybe it's meant to be there with us. So I'm learning to live with The Ache now. 
Confession: I Hate Christmas Break :: Meg H Miller

Though many of us look forward to the promise of a little relaxation, without the seeming tyranny of our regular school routine, all too often we reluctantly admit just a few days in that it isn't quite what we hoped for. 
Why I'm Claiming Creativity :: Claire De Boer

He gave me a measure of creativity to use for His purposes; my vision is aligned with His vision. And when the screams of the world are louder than that gentle voice within, that vision is all I need to remember. 
Why Your Story Matters :: Shelly Miller

Our stories of overcoming adversity and hardship, they are monuments of hope to those around us. Not random circumstances clumped together but an intentional message we carry in our DNA. When we share them, we extend permission for others to say, "Yes, me too." 

The Day I Washed Their Feet :: Erika Morrison @ The Life Artist

We've all been there right? The crazy-making, back-breaking, tear-streaking kind of days or weeks or whole seasons? So I've been hitting the floor with my knees, praying the "teach me, show me, guide me, help me, fill me" desperate kind of prayers. And what finally happened in response to my pleas wasn't what I expected -- because it had everything to do with my own ongoing salvation/transformation and nothing to do with theirs. 

Infertility . . . You are a Jerk. :: Daniela Schwartz

I let go of my disappointment and neurotic obsession. I told myself often to be patient and trust; somewhere between twenty to a hundred times a day. I made a slow journey to the edge of my desert and one day I touched my toe into the promise land. It felt like the bravest thing I had ever done. Sometimes it is hard to let go of your pain, it becomes comfortable, even though it sucks.
The House That Hope Builds -- A SheLoves Link Up :: Diana Trautwein

This is glad permission to weep, to wail, to wonder. This is a weaving of many colors, each of which enriches the whole; a smorgasbord of many flavors, some of them sweet, some decidedly bitter. This is a call to courage, a plea for patience, a painting done by candlelight, revealed in the brightness of day. This is Life, and this is where we live it. Right here, right now. 
A Song For Spalding Spinner :: Osheta Moore @ Shalom in the City

Even though we watch in annoyed disbelief, he keeps stringing his rhyming words together, he keeps spinning his Spalding, and he never stops swinging his head. I can only sit and watch him as he abandons himself to his art. Soon the mama-glare softens and the Sister gaze settles as I realize what Spalding Spinner is doing beautiful and baffling. Hope. Bravery. Confidence. All the things. On Display on the 73. 
this is their worship.

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  1. Thanks so much for including me in this stellar group of writers Amy. I'm honored and touched by your kindness. Hugs to you.