Friday, January 31, 2014


you go through your days with hope that it will be easy, i know.

this is my waking thought most of the time, too.

it's not wrong of us. it's a comfort catching kind of thing. and we're all allowed to want that.

so when the day turns sour and your hope gets a flat tire . . .

     i'm right there with you in the sad of the day.

i want it to be better, too. i want it to be easier and smoother.

i want to make it all better for you. and for me.

but i can't always solve the problem or create a next time not like this.

i have to let life run its course.

i have to let you feel pain, and us -- together -- feel the inadequacy.

our stickwithitness is tested in these days. our patience refined.

we're sorrow-filled for our grief and our heavy disposition, yet somehow we continue . . .

     we keep on.

we say yes to another day.

with the ounce of courage in our pocket, we accept this:

     life . . . as. it. is.

we're heroes, i'd say. and the pain that we feel is really okay.

so let's be patient and trust that the hero-making of each day isn't at all meaningless.

it's grace.

this is our worship: to be real -- as. we. are.


  1. Hi Amy, I'm linking up from FMF and I just love this line tho: "so let's be patient and trust that the hero-making of each day isn't at all meaningless." Hero-making of the day...I love love love that.

    Because there is something in each day that we put our capes on for.

    I'm loving this series by Lisa-Jo. I'm discovering some gems of blogs and I am so grateful.

  2. Love the encouragement... I am so thankful for grace and hope. If it wasn't hard we would turn to God for help or comfort. But when we let Him in it changes the anatomy of situation - which I love! And If our situation doesn't change right away, we cage, our perspective changes and that breeds more hope.