Monday, December 30, 2013

in the bunker . . . and #WorshipUnwrapped

Here, in this moment, there aren't accusations or judgment between us. 

And this is blessedly sweet. Miraculous and almond-bud-like

Blossoms are spouting forth between us. And this is indeed a blessedly sweet moment to unwrap.

I confess that I want to run away and even wave my flag, hoping he'll excuse me. 

Instead, he says I hear you

And for once I see . . . we are together in this. 

We acknowledge that we hear each other, we understand.

So we kneel and hold hands, in the bunker. 

this is our worship. 

: : : 

And this is their #worshipunwrapped . . . 


1. "I am trying to figure out how you patch together something that still sings of grace and glory while not ignoring the present reality.

     How do we take the straw we've been handed and spin it into something golden and magical?"

Holly Grantham's #worshipunwrapped


2. "Christmas can feel like it's falling down as the pieces of a dream season shatter, scattering from one edge to the other."

Kris Camealy's #worshipunwrapped


3. "What if hard actually means you are doing something right?"

Jamie Martin's #worshipunwrapped


4. "I used to struggle with seeing joy, for I was blinded by grief and caught in the haze of black sorrow. I felt the weight of death, her diagnosis. She's too young, my heart yelped, she's too young to be wounded, too tender and innocent. And yet her babyhood was full, it was rich."

Michaela Evanow's #worshipunwrapped.


5. "Miracles are just a temporary fix . . . I know He loves me and I don't need a miracle to know that . . .

     If I wanted to be a missionary, I couldn't reach as many people as I have through this."

Abby Smith's #worshipunwrapped

We present to you these offerings, Father. 
We dance. We declare. And together, we dine. 



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  1. wow. beautiful. I am so proud of your bravery, Amy. Please keep waving your candles in the dimness...I need to see that the journey is possible.
    Peace and good, brave worshiper,

  2. This is miraculous! Praise God!