Friday, November 22, 2013


these dreams i have held tightly are beginning to untether.

for so long i've let my grip be strong, nearly balling these visions up like a used tissue.

my palms sweaty with anxiousness as i've wondered has led me astray in wander. 

impatience has been the side effect of my fear that these dreams are wasteful and nothingness.

faith seemed like such work, too hard to even consider a simmer and slow bake.

a quick-fix has been my guise for nourishment, when really i need the long kind of cook.

i need all the moments of my story to process, to ferment if you will, for the best kind of health.

the process, sometimes seeming strange and odd, i now see as wondrous and a gift.

His Bread is different from what i've thought or even wanted.

i've cringed and felt the pangs of nausea rise over the appearance of what He brings me to.

yet, now i see how what He gifts is yeasty-like, so sweet in time.

and time is what makes these dreams loosen, and fly.

this is my worship. 


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  1. such beautiful imagery Amy. It's sounds like you are in a great place!

    1. It's been a long journey to get here, and I can only imagine the "more" of what lies ahead.

  2. His Bread - Thankful that He serves us what we need and not what we want. Beautiful! I visited from #FMF this morning :)

    1. Yes, "what we need" -- so thankful He doesn't leave us to ourselves.

  3. I love this. Sometimes we do need to let our dreams fly to grasp on to His dreams and plan for us. Love you Amy. So good to be here today.

    1. Yes, and what we envision His dreams for us, too. To hold them loose. Thank you, friend.

  4. (Visiting from Five Minute Friday)
    "Father, let me be weak that I might lose my clutch on everything temporal. My life, my reputation, my possessions, Lord, let me lose the tension of a grasping hand...Rather, open my hand to receive the nail of Calvary--as Christ's was open--that I, releasing all might be released, unleashed from all that binds me here." - Jim Elliot
    He gives us today's mana...and it is unknown to us...a mystery...yet sustains...and He gives rest in the letting go...

  5. "I need the long kind of cook". In the cooker with you, friend;)