Wednesday, November 20, 2013

a dare

I hadn't considered sports when I was growing up. 

I don't know if it was that I just didn't pay attention . . . that maybe I was so focused on my Barbie's and baby dolls . . . or maybe I just didn't consider that I could. 

Sports weren't something I naturally fell into as a kid. In fact, they were something completely distinct from my world. 

So when I was in college and discovered that I could play ice hockey if I wanted to, I let the question twirl in my hand a little as I began to consider the opportunity and of playing. 

And then I said yes. 

When I put the equipment on and stepped out on the ice, I found a strength I hadn't ever known was there. 

And I liked it. 

I know what playing hockey did for me. And running miles upon miles, too. I learned about setting goals and how hard work pays off. I accomplished things that I saw not everyone else did. 

I know what working hard to be physically fit did and does to my self-confidence and way of life, how I have the energy to be creative and productive. 

I know what being active has done to my life, how it translates to the board room and how I've experienced a successful career because of the strength I discovered through my own body's active movement. 

I know the weight of the responsibility and the careful tight-rope-walk of being humbled, how worldly success showed me of the fall and how God gives me strength to stand tall.  

I renamed magenta. Yep, it's now Strong-Girl Pink, because it envelopes more of other colors, making it more than what it is. 

This is officially my favorite color, especially next to black, because of how it stands: strong and noticeable. 

I feel called to this color like I feel called to life. 

This is my call, so hear me roar: let's all just Be. 

Let's not hide, let's not shirk. Let's unabashedly and unapologetically Be. As we are.

Let's dare to consider that this is our worship. 

Let's dare to consider that this is how we love the very One who created us, specifically with the unique interests and talents and strengths that we possess. 

Let's dare to honor Him with our reckless pursuit, as messy and chaotic and crazy as we might be.

Let's live our whole, {Real} selves out free.



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