Friday, September 13, 2013


it's the eyes that captivate me.

how they stay locked on mine. 
how we connect right then and there and nothing else seems to matter. 

i am noticed and important. and he matters to me. 

what we have to say and what we think, 
all that we each need from each other, 
most especially, that we even want to know.

mercy is all of these things 
especially after all the moments of viciousness between us. 

how could i have ever shouted words that run so counter to what my heart truly feels? 
how could i have ever screamed that i hate him? 

memories feels acid-like, rushing quick from the core of my being.
i want to be sick at the thought of it all. 

he matters to me.

though i don't always agree with him, 
though i sometimes get mad at his different-than-my-own approach . . .

the truth is that pride is what makes a wedge -- 
our simply being humans.

sharing this life with him helps me grow and see perspectives i hadn't considered. 
and me, i am realizing i do the same for him. 

right here, right now -- 
this is mercy. 

for all this could be so very different. 
the truth does not escape me.

i've created my fair share of messes. 
i've finger painted with deep wrecklessness on the canvas of our lives. 

and still, this we share today.

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  1. Love this! Oh how I relate! This is mercy - indeed.

  2. Yes! One of the best kinds of mercies...

  3. Such beautiful truth for my heart today. Thank you. :)