Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dear Dreamer,

He reminds me about that dream I've mentioned once or twice before.

Just as promptly he asks me, "What's your mission statement?" 

He asks me to tell him more about my vision, his questioning seeming intentional. And I wasn't prepared. I'd never considered that this idea swirling around in my head could be a {Real} possibility.

And this whole conversation has me thinking.

     Even though it doesn't have any specifics wrapped around it, maybe it's more than just a dream.  

Maybe it's time to do something about making these seemingly crazy dreams live and breathe.

A thought overwhelms and scares me. I'll see him again, soon, and next time I want to be prepared.

     I don't want to miss out on what God can do if I bravely, boldly declare -- pursue.

This idea is still just a seed, not perfect or even solidly identifiable. Truth tells me seed-size or not doesn't matter, it has a name, meaning and worth.

Like you and me in our mother's womb, we were some. one. even then. So let's pay attention to those nudges that just won't go away. Let's not dismiss the passion that rises within us, seeping and spilling out of our heart -- the incubator of dreams.

     These visions were made to germinate. Our heart created to grow possibility and hope. 

He's made us with an influence and it's wider than we think. Our words matter. That dream rambling? Don't dismiss its place in His story.

When that vision tumbles out of our heart with those seemingly silly thoughts, let's consider who's listening. There's life behind what we think and say.

Faith {en}courages us to consider our dreams have purpose.

Someday, someone might ask about that idea you let spill out.

     And that someone might very well be a connector to make that dream come alive.

It's quite possible your vision connects to someone else's dream. God's art is in the weaving of lives together for purpose. His glory is shown in the specific passions of His people lived out and connected to one another to produce great work.

Your pursuing could be obedience. Worship lived out.

So, choose courage -- to trust All. Is. For. Purpose. -- even that seemingly silly idea that just won't go away.

Let Him put a little color and texture on those dreams.

Declare. Pursue. Live.

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Dream God-sized Dreams

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  1. Your pursuing could be obedience. Worship lived out.
    Oh so love this statement. This is so true. I am so proud of you for pushing through the doubt to what God may be calling you to. He knows best and He can do anything! Exciting God adventure ahead...

    1. I keep thinking of that -- the "exciting adventures" ahead. It gets me giddy thinking about it.

  2. All. Is. For. Purpose. how I hope so! Trying to have courage to believe and trust that something really can come from silly thoughts and dreams, and if God is involved I know it can! Keep pushing through, Dream Sister!

  3. Whoa. Loved this.

    "And that someone might very well be a connector to make that dream come alive."

    Yes. Absolutely.

    1. How He connects us all just amazes me. People on purpose. Astounding. Appreciate your comment, friend.

  4. Plant those dream-seeds and see how they grow. Excited to be dreaming along with you!