Friday, February 8, 2013


I feel it beginning to rise up in me as I stand there in all my nakedness.

Shame lurks below the surface. I feel it bubbling hot and heavy. The stench is gut alarming.

Truth calls me a hypocrite and sin labels me a liar.

I trod into darkness. Run smack into it, knowing I shouldn't.

And I'm scared and suspicious, even of myself.

Yet I know the truth, that He will never leave me. He is always bigger than the dark.

Shame wants to point out how I abuse Truth. I use it and go.

So I'm standing there and my groom, he's pushing fingers deep into my neck and I feel his love, his care, his concern, his worry.

I've been away three days and stupidity made me sick and worry made him wrestle.

I feel the warmth of his heart as he envelopes me in his arms. We lie together and I feel the passion of his love for me.

Too many times to count (even in one week) I've questioned whether this is all worth it.

The parenting. The forgiving. The being.

My heart is bare. Stripped of everything that has pretended to give me comfort.

And there, Peace seals the shame. Covers it tight. Puts a lid on it and says, you are mine.

Today's post was part of my friend, Lisa-Jo's fun challenge each Friday to take five and Just. Write.

     "...for five, short, bold beautiful minutes... unscripted and unedited...
     without worrying if it's just right or not."

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  1. Beautiful post Amy!! I feel in the same place! And so very grateful for God's graces!!

  2. Love the way you are sharing - we must bare all to become whole and loved!

  3. Blessed to share five minutes with you today. You are a beautiful writer!

  4. Such an honest and vulnerable post. Thanks for baring yourself for the rest of us.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I am so thankful for grace that brings with it peace and covers.

  6. So raw and honest. Thank you for sharing. It was beautiful in it's abandon.

  7. I agree with the others, this is beautiful!

    So thankful for grace . . .

    Selena @

  8. Dang, girl. You can WRITE! "Sin labels me a liar." Yep. Been there. ... You rock, my friend.