Thursday, December 13, 2012


I tell him it's a gift. This *passion* he has inside of him.

God-given. Wrapped up and tucked neatly in his heart.

It might be as small as a seed, but don't let that tell you it isn't powerful. Because there's flavor behind even the smallest grain. And it's truth that what's in your heart makes a difference to your story.

The Boy has always wanted to be goalie. In every sport he's ever played. Not just try, but Be.

Some folks declare it's the equipment. And I think of the sports that don't suit up a goalie in hardly anything more than the other players on the field and how he chooses goalie for those, too.

I wonder how he just knows that he wants to be goalie -- at two, then four, and still at eight years of age -- especially when he has yet to even try it. I consider how passion is more than *intrigue* or curiosity.

I've cringed over the years thinking about whether to let my son try a position that is only limited to one, or maybe two for a back-up. And really, I'm not sure why.

I know it isn't so much fear that he'll get hurt that has kept me at bay in supporting his interest. Perhaps it's being the possibility of being second string that I might be afraid about; wanting to protect him from any possible disappointment that he might not play as much as others.

And then I realize . . . what keeps me back from saying "yes" is mostly my doubt . . . that he really knows what's right for him. I'm learning that He speaks to our heart, His Spirit that guides us, even as children. And He really does know what's best for us.

So I finally said yes and my own heart bent into *willingness*.
I finally gave The Boy permission to explore his hearts desire.

It'll cost a lot to try goalie, but it's worth it. Because . . .

     When you venture toward that which tugs at your heart to do, you really *gain.* 

He tells me that he isn't just trying goalie. He's doing. And for now this really does matter.

I choose courage to trust that He's crafted this big heart inside this little-Boy-Man. And just because he's eight doesn't mean he doesn't know what's right for him, right now. I teach him to make good choices {for him}, and isn't this what he's doing?

I am humbled at how He uses a child to grow me.

There's so much I learn as I watch my son try his hand at this passion of his. I watch his excitement radiate and my eyes tear up.

     He's living in his joy-zone right now.
     He's tapping into his hearts desire.
     He's worshipping Him in his trying, his doing, his living.

This Boy-Man is often quiet, observant, attentive to others. I notice that when he's living out his joy he smiles more, his heart seeps out in his every movement, he soaks up guidance to help him be the best he can be . . . all so that he can continue to do that which he cannot deny is his thing, at least for today.

I consider how The Boy doesn't worry about Tomorrow. He seizes Today. 
Because *right now* matters to his story. 

The Boy might not be good at this today and maybe it won't be a lasting thing, but God has planted this seed of passion and He will bless it.

I pay attention to this truth that Now matters most.

: : : 

Examining your hearts desire is important. It helps you live a purpose filled life.

     What God-size dream do you have inside of you?
     What do you feel prompted to explore with a resounding "Yes!"? 

Any position could do, but the one you are naturally inclined to take . . .  let your heart lean into willingness to go there. Make worship your living. 

He will bless your hearts desire and He will use your passion, even if it's just a tiny seed. 
He is still the God of miracles and it is truth that *All. Is. For. Purpose.* 

He wastes no part of our story. 

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  1. i haven't been here for a long while, but the title drew me in again. a beautiful post. reminds me of the quote about doing what makes us come alive because the world needs people who have come alive.