Friday, December 21, 2012

considering Christmas

There are things I haven't done this Christmas season that I normally do.

1. bought, filled out, and mailed Christmas cards
2. taken a family picture
3. stepped foot in a store to shop
4. made cookies
5. eaten cookies
6. planned, prepared for, or attended a party
7. opened the Advent calendar 
8. watched a "Christmasy" type of movie
9. considered a new year's resolution 
10. stressed out.

Then a friend asked me this:

     "So what things have you done to celebrate Christmas?"

I was perplexed at her question, because to me it was simple. And yet, my response confused her even more.

So here it is just a few days away from Christmas Day and even though it may not make sense for some, I'm feeling even more peace for my answer.

Christmas for me this year is about considering the simple in the margins of life.

Allowing space to wonder and wrestle with Why. To live in the space of confusion and crazy.

Because, the truth is things don't define Christmas. Neither does snow or shiny happy people.

I understand how to some it doesn't feel Christmasy without snow. I've been known to say it myself.

Still, Christmas is here.

And it doesn't feel very much like Christmas when the news tells horrifying stories of children and adults having been senselessly killed. Or when sadness overwhelms.

But it is.

Christmas was made for the brokenhearted, the confused and weary. 

It isn't about the shiny paper or perfect gift. And it isn't about the cookies or the parties.

Christmas is about . . . the questions
     . . . the seeking
          . . . the searching
               . . . the Wonder.

Christmas is about the bending low to consider His purpose in all. The unwrapping of grace -- moment by moment, every single day.

Because, He still performs miracles. And sometimes they're found mostly in our hearts. So when we allow space to consider the *whirl and twirl* of our days and our place in this life, He meets us there.

Christmas is more than the doing and the things.


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