Monday, October 8, 2012

*Real* authenticity | {Day 8}: Keeping it Real

     This space here where I write has been practice for real life.

               It's bended me and mended me.

          I've been challenged and inspired. Encouraged and admittedly, even admired.

               Your comments have humbled me as I have been considered *authentic*. Untied me.

          Unraveled the pretty ribbon that has kept together this sometimes *seemingly perfect* try-hard life.

          Because, Authentic is exactly what I have struggled to live out loud... 

: : : 

          Emily wrote an important book that will influence lives in meaningful and profound ways. 
          Her worship is scrawled out in her courage and obedience, and I'm thrilled to point you to it: 
Chasing Silhouettes Preview
: : : 

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