Tuesday, October 9, 2012

on caring | {Day 9}: Keeping it Real

Notes come home in The Boy's folder, telling me about his challenges.

I read them and give thanks.

Because she sees it, too. The challenges we've been having with his attention.

I respond how I notice he becomes easily fatigued and unravels.

     Morning's freshness gives him alertness. Just like his momma.

     And by afternoon he's wiped out. Like I am, too.

Real life requires attention. More than he's able to keep at eight.

Some people would slap on a label and write up a script.

But others, like this teacher of his, work at strategy. A way to help him cope with life's demands.

I didn't see it at first becoming a mother--

     It really does take a village...
          and we all really do make a difference. 

The gratitude I feel is intense.

For this woman--my boy's teacher--is a mother, too.

     She understands.

     She sees.

     She cares.

And so, together we share our observations and both pray that He would guide us with what matters most.

Together we reach for Real grace and nourish with love.

: : : 

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  1. It makes such a difference when we love each other with actions.

  2. Beautiful to have that support in loving your boy!!