Thursday, July 19, 2012

the place where beauty begins

Every time I walk by it, I notice it there and repeat back to myself what it says.

Because it's true.

And I think of myself. How I am now able to call myself Beautiful. I think, too, of the journey to get to this place.

I don't look like the former-model with sleek, beautiful blonde hair.
     Or the woman with the body of perfection--pregnant or not.

I've wished my body came close to theirs.

My mother has a much different shape to her body than me. Coming from her genes, I've thought it was His design for me. For years I made it my mission to fit in her clothes.

It took 32 years for me to consider that maybe my mom wasn't created to be that thin either. Perhaps her choices are barely enough to sustain her.

I've once envied her thin frame. Even tried to force my body to conform.

After years of living with the wrong perspective, I've finally decided that what's best for me is healthy and strong.
Even curves.

Beauty begins with God.

I'm learning this truth. But only because of the work He's done in me.

This beauty declaring has come from Him.

: : : 

There's beauty in the broken pieces of ourselves. Where I want to run and hide, take cover and shirk away.

Telling my stories comes with trepidation.

I wonder what my neighbors and townspeople think of me, the ones who read my words and keep silent. I am raw from standing exposed and yet I trust this is worship.

There is purpose in the dark places and that dark canvases provide a background for brilliant color and make the most radiant beauty. I believe this.

The sign that hangs in the front of my house--where I dug out and yanked up tree bushes and shrubs with my own bare hands--reminds me of the strength He's worked in me.

The beauty is in believing *Strong* is possible from weak Me.

I played ice hockey in college. And I felt it then. Empowered to play without fear. Strong.

Push-ups have done that, too--real ones and now 150 of them every other day. The feeling of strength has returned. And it's freeing.

It's serious business to notice beauty. To declare it and display it with strength.

I only want things with meaning in my house. Nothing to take up space for pop-design purposes alone.

And I want my life to reflect the same.

No crash diets or minimalistic choices. It's beauty growing here. By His design.

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