Tuesday, May 22, 2012

doing it with your spouse

When we do things together it feels different.

I could make dinner for my family by myself and get in a zone where resentment often builds in a slow and toxic way.

Not always realizing it, I feel lonely when living independently.

It may not feel like a big deal to fold the laundry or make lunches, but when working side-by-side my groom and sharing the load I miraculously complain less.

It connects me to have my life partner share in what I do.

Recently my groom and I did something together that challenged our bodies and tapped into our intimacy. It wasn't an in-the-bedroom kind of thing. It was a publicly viewed and 400+ team-member kind of thing.

Though the camaraderie of friends and strangers who become teammates is great, there is no one who gives us the strength to keep on like our spouse.

Sharing in emotional heartache and physical exhaustion did something to our relationship that nothing else has ever come close to.

When we suffer together it strengthens our marriage muscles to stick with it. 

Parenting connects us, but too often the *whirl and twirl* of the days tend to separate us in our pride-filled self motives.

Doing big things that challenge us each solidifies our connection.

We understand each other a little more and going through something together makes pride take a back seat. There is no competition when we're in it together.

What can you choose to do with your spouse today that is normally your tendency to do alone?

Might you unwrap the gift of intimacy with your spouse. 


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